Please be sure to read this before contacting us. Please also read our Policy.

I made a mistake and bought something I already had. Please refund me.

We use CasperVend. Please check your transaction history as we are set up to refund in the event of a double purchase. However, if you purchased through a sales format other than CasperVend (e.g. donation vendor such as Fantasy Faire), please enter your transaction history in the Notecard and send it to Kumibou Mayo. We will refund your money after confirmation.
当店ではCasperVendを使用しています。二重購入の際は返金されるよう設定しておりますので取引履歴をご確認ください。ただしCasperVend以外での販売形式による購入の場合は(例:Fantasy Faireなどの寄付ベンダー)お手数ですがNotecardに購入履歴を入力の上Kumibou Mayoまで送ってください。確認後返金いたします。

I purchased the wrong item by mistake. Please exchange it.

All of our products are “no trans”. Therefore, we cannot exchange them. Sorry, no refunds.
当店の商品はすべてno transです。よって交換はできません。申し訳ございませんが返金もできません。

I have not received the product.

You can right click on the vendor you purchased and select touch to bring up a dialog where you can re-deliver. You can also use the redelivery terminal at the store. If you do not see the item you purchased, please enter your purchase history in the Notecard and send it to Kumibou Mayo.
購入したベンダーを右クリックしタッチを選択するとダイアログが表示されますので、そこから再配達可能です。または店舗にある再配達ターミナルをご利用ください。万が一購入した商品が表示されない場合は、お手数ですがNotecardに購入履歴を入力の上Kumibou Mayoまで送ってください。

I want to edit it and I want you to change the permissions.

All of our hair is “no mod”. We do not accept permission changes. Please make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

It does not fit my head. My hair is buried in my body.

Please be sure to try the demo before purchasing. If it does not fit you, do not purchase. We do not respond to requests for modifications.

I want to buy it as a gift for a friend.

We use CasperVend. Please refer to the following page.
当店はCasperVendを利用しています。以下のページをご参照ください。 https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/CasperVend_2/Gifts_%26_Giftboxes